Film Screening – Selections by Julia Christensen

Interkosmos (2006) by Jim Finn
Interkosmos (2006) by Jim Finn

July 3 | 9:30pm | Transformer Station

Interkosmos (2006) - Jim Finn, writer-director-star, blends the style of 1970s documentary with the structure of a Hollywood musical, in this award-winning film about an East German space mission to colonize the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Penny Lane’s short documentary, The Voyagers (2010), is a lyrical, minimalist film about the probes Voyager 1 and 2, launched by NASA in 1977 to photograph unseen parts of the solar system.

The CMA Ohio City Stages festival area, on 29th street from Detroit to Clinton Avenue, will be closed to traffic. Free parking will be available in the marked parking lot at Lutheran Hospital on West 25th Street.

Audience members are welcome to bring blankets and chairs for seating.


Julia Christensen, currently Assistant Professor of Integrated Media at Oberlin College, is a multidisciplinary artist who explores systems of consumerism, community, landscape and history. Her work can be defined by dedication to social activism manifested in several elaborate projects that provide platforms for public action and knowledge distribution. Her long-term project examining the reuse of dead big box stores straddled the museum and public action sphere through its websites, photographs, installations, and book (Big Box Reuse, MIT Press 2008). Recently, her work has been included in the international traveling exhibition ”I’s the Political Economy, Stupid’ organized by Gregory Sholette. Christensen is featured in MOCA Cleveland’s current exhibition Realization is Better than Anticipation.