On The Table

November 23 | 2pm | Sterle’s Country House

Bellwether welcomes furniture designers Christopher Schanck and Jack Craig for a conversation moderated by Mark Moskovitz. On the Table will be a look at contemporary, studio-based, furniture design practice. Also under discussion will be what’s involved in working out of the zeitgeist and/or in isolation.

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Film Screening – Selected by Jacob Ciocci

July 31 | 9:30pm | Transformer Station

Sneak Peak of Teenage, directed by Matt Wolf and recently selected for the 2013 HotDocs and Tribeca Film Festivals.

Before the “Teenager” was invented, there was no second stage of life. You were either a child or you went to work as an adult. At the turn of the century, child labor was ending, ‘adolescence’ was emerging, and a struggle erupted between adults and youth. Would the young be controlled and regimented, or could they be free?

Inspired by punk author Jon Savage’s book, Teenage gives voice to young people from the first half of the 20th century in America, England, and Germany – from party-crazed Flappers and hip Swing Kids to zealous Nazi Youth and frenzied Sub-Debs. By the end of World War II, they were all “Teenagers”: a new idea of youth.