Elaine Cameron-Weir: Medusa


3008 Monticello Blvd., Cleveland Heights. | former Medusa Corp. Headquarters | Lobby

Opening Reception: Friday, August 22, 5:30–8:30 pm
Curator’s remarks at 6:30, artist in attendance

The show will be on view:
Saturday, 8/23, 11–5 pm
Sunday, 8/24, 11–2 pm

Elaine Cameron-Weir uses materials that evoke a sense of timelessness, including marble and brass, to create sculptures at once organic and artificial, futuristic and faded. They appear to be poised, alien, ornamental, knowing.

A selection of Cameron-Weir’s new work will be installed in the lobby of the Medusa Cement Company’s old headquarters in Cleveland. Since its founding in 1892 (then named Sandusky Portland Cement), the company’s trademark was the head of Medusa, described in their advertising as “that famous woman of mythology whose hair was writhing serpents and whose glance turned every living thing to stone.” In 1957, the company moved into a new, modernist building designed by Cleveland-based architect Ernst Payer, who studied under Walter Gropius. The building has been occupied intermittently since 1998, when the company relocated to Houston after a merger. Retaining its original features, the Medusa lobby provides a distinctive and resonant environment for Cameron-Weir’s work.


The installation is presented courtesy of the artist and Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels.

The exhibition is organized by Rose Bouthillier.

Bellwether recognizes the following sponsors for crucial support:
John C. Williams, Process Creative Studios
Geoff Loree


Elaine Cameron-Weir is a Canadian artist based in New York. Solo exhibitions of her work have been held at Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels; Ramiken Crucible, New York; and Possible Projects, Philadelphia. Her work is held in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where she was featured in the 2014 group exhibition Objects of Desire.