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Film Screening – Selections by Kevin Beasley

July 10 | 9:30pm | Transformer Station

Kevin Beasley has created a mix of shorts and clips ranging from scenes of old Hollywood to films by contemporary artists including Do you Love Me and Valerie Solanas Incident by Michel Auder and Vinyl II by Stephen Prina.

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Film Screening – Selections by Julia Christensen

July 3 | 9:30pm | Transformer Station

Interkosmos (2006) - Jim Finn, writer-director-star, blends the style of 1970s documentary with the structure of a Hollywood musical, in this award-winning film about an East German space mission to colonize the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Penny Lane’s short documentary, The Voyagers (2010), is a lyrical, minimalist film about the probes Voyager 1 and 2, launched by NASA in 1977 to photograph unseen parts of the solar system.

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